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COVID-19 Information



FOR PHASE 1B 75 Years and Older

Registration for the Covid-19 Vaccine
  • It takes at least 30-60 minutes to complete the process.
  • You have to create an account first
  • Then you have to enter your information; when entering your age, click on the year first
  • Select a location; they found two sites within driving distance from Happy Trails (1. State Farm Stadium and 2. Goodyear at the end of Hwy 303 on McCormick)
  • Select a possible date, it will pop up with the number of appointments available.  If you are making an appointment for your spouse and want both of you to go at the same time, select one that has at least 10 openings.  They found if they used a smaller number, when they went back in to make appointment for the spouse that date was no longer available.

If you are having trouble with registering online there is HELP!!!
Call 1-844-542-8201
If you have an Arizona area code for your phone services you can also call 211

For More information on the COVID Vaccine and if you qualify you can also visit


To read about how to beat covid this year click on link below for article. 

How To Beat COVID This Year 

Update on COVID-19 Vaccines 

Per Safeway Pharmacy: 

We still have not received any COVID vaccines at our location. Maricopa county has delayed the phases. Doses are currently being distributed by Maricopa County health department. We are not expecting any doses until March or so. Doses will be given by appointment only. We will not be making appointments until we have the vaccine in hand. 

As of Jan 6, Maricopa county will start phase 1B which is now defined as teachers, law enforcement, and patients age 75+ on January 11. For immediate needs, I would encourage residents eligible for 1B to visit Arizona Department of Health Services ( after Jan 11 for more information. 


Important Message from Happy Trails
In the last two days, six couples reported they have been tested positive for COVID-19.  They have informed the residents they have come in contact with and what areas in the resort they have been.  The areas have been cleaned and sanitized. 
Your health and well-being are our top priority. As we do our part to keep this community as safe as possible from COVID-19, we ask that you partner with us. Remember to:

  • Social Distance
  • Avoid Close Contact
  • Cover Coughs and Sneezes
  • Wash Your Hands Often
  • Clean and Disinfect
  • Monitor Your Health Daily

Read more about how to protect yourself and others by visiting We cannot do this alone, but together, we will win the fight against this pandemic.

Posted 01/06/2021






Per Safeway Pharmacy:

Happy Trails residents are considered phase 1B for adults 65+. This phase is set to begin after December 25th.  However, the number of vaccines that will be available at that time is unsure.

As of now (phase 1A), vaccines will be administered by appointment only and only at certain locations (closest to us is Sun City West Safeway). Safeway at Bell & Cotton will be getting both Pfizer and Moderna manufacturers in the future. 

Here is the expected timeline they have provided:

  • Phase 1a: Healthcare Personnel & Long-Term Care Facility Residents
  • Phase 1b: Essential Workers, High Risk Med Conditions, Adults ≥ 65 years old
  • Phase 2: Individuals at higher risk of exposure (may apply to some of our customers)
We will keep you updated on when and where the vaccines will be available.  


Update on COVID-19 cases in our Resort

We learned this week that 3 more of our residents have tested positive for COVID-19.  All three are recovering in their homes.  In addition, we have 1 employee who is recovering.
We appreciate that these residents voluntarily informed us of their test results.  We can report to you that these residents did not use any of the amenities except for the Mail Center.
Our housekeeping daily provides extra cleaning in the Mail Center so there is no need for additional disinfecting or closure of any of our other buildings.
The Health Department takes responsibility for notifying any resident who may have been exposed to COVID-19 by the infected resident.
Due to the resident’s right to privacy we do not disclose additional information without their consent.  Actions taken in other communities to require disclosure have stopped residents from coming forward.  We know of residents who are hesitant to inform us because they are embarrassed or worry others will blame them for getting infected.
When we are informed a resident has tested positive for COVID-19, we attempt to contact the resident or family member so we can gather information about specific dates or time an area / building was occupied by the infected person.  Based on that information we will inform all residents so they can decide if they need to self-quarantine or get testing. 

Happy Trails is following COVID-19 mandates from the CDC and the Governor of the State of Arizona.
Click HERE to view updates from the CDC website.

Dept of Health Video

AZ Winter Visitors 

Covid-19 Arizona Briefing

* UPDATE: Travel quarantines into the state of Arizona have been lifted.  

Click HERE for all-things COVID from the Arizona Department of Health

Click HERE for Guidance for Places of Worship

Click HERE for Guidance for Pools

Click HERE for Restaurants Dine-in

Click HERE for Gyms and Fitness Centers


Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19

A printed waiver can be obtained in the Activities Information Room. 


The HTCA Office Window is open Monday - Friday from 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM and by appointment only Monday - Friday from 12:30 - 3:30 PM.  Reach us by  emailing or by calling 623-584-0066.

RV Storage and Notary Service hours are Wednesday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM at the HTCA Office inside the Library.

The Happy Trails Activities Office is open.  Hours are 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Monday - Friday.

SOCIAL DISTANCING and MASKS are mandatory in Happy Trails Resort in common areas and upon entry through the Gate when stopping at the Guard House.

Guests and Visitors are only allowed to enter the Resort via the Guard House at the Front Gate with a confirmed reservation from the Property Owner that the guest is going to their property. Currently there is NO ACCESS to the Resort facilities, clubs, activities or events for any guest or visitor. MASKS and SOCIAL DISTANCING are required.

All of our pools/spas and laundry facilities are open with masks and social distancing required.

NC1 POOL- 16 total residents are allowed within the pool fenced area  
NC2 POOL- 16 total residents are allowed within the pool fenced area
TOWN CENTER POOL- 34 total residents are allowed within the pool fenced area 
VILLA POOL- 16 total residents are allowed within the pool fenced area
CASCADE SPA- 6 total residents are allowed within the spa fenced area
RANCH SPA- 6 total residents are allowed within the spa fenced area

No guests are allowed to use the pools and spas at this time.

At the October 8, 2020 HTCA BOD meeting the following items were addressed.
  • ACTIVE GAMES such as cards, mahjongg, dominos, etc. are NOT allowed at this time.  All room reservations pertaining to Active Games will be removed on a monthly basis until such time that play can resume. 
  • At this time we will not be allowing previously made or taking reservations for PRIVATE RESERVATIONS in HTCA meeting rooms.  All private reservations will be removed on a monthly basis until they can be resumed. 

OUTDOOR Club activities may open provided they submit a plan that includes the HTCA COVID-19 Protocol Guidelines. Limited to residents only. Please read the HTCA COVID-19 Protocol Guidelines by clicking here.

Pickleball courts are open.  Follow the re-opening procedures posted at the courts.

Tennis courts are open.  Follow the re-opening procedures posted at the courts.

INDOOR Club activities may open provided they submit a plan that includes the HTCA COVID-19 Protocol Guidelines. Limited to residents only. Please read the HTCA COVID-19 Protocol Guidelines by clicking here.

The following club rooms are open with social distancing, masks and cleaning procedures in place.  * Please note the clubs are open to members only.

Arts & Crafts Singles Group  
Billiards Stitchery  
Ceramics Table Tennis - Morning  
Glass Room Table Tennis - Evening  
Quilt Room HT Library  
Sawmill Genealogy   
Shuffleboard Line Dancing - Jan 2021  
Karaoke - Mid-Dec 2020 HT 4-Wheel Drive Club  
Happy Apple Club HT Writers Group  
Tai Chi - Thursday Lapidary  
Strings & Things Hamburger Golf Group
Women of Faith - Facilitator: Beth Foley Krazy 8's Golf Group

Meeting rooms may open for club functions and meetings with limits on number of people in room. Limited to residents only. Please read the HTCA COVID-19 Protocol Guidelines by clicking here.


The Fitness Center is OPEN everyday from 6 AM - 11 PM  RESIDENTS ONLY ARE PERMITTED AT THIS TIME.

MAXIMUM of 10 residents at one time is allowed.  

Appointments are no longer necessary, but SIGN IN AND TEMPERATURE CHECK IS REQUIRED: Sign In Sheets are by the door.  


  • If you are at higher risk for severe illness, you should avoid visiting the Fitness Center. People at higher risk for severe illness include adults 65 or older and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions.
  • Please note that 10 residents are allowed in the Fitness Center at one time.
  • Please take your temp immediately upon entering the Fitness Center.  If red, you cannot use the room.  If green, circle yes.  Put the date, print your name and lot number on the sign in sheet.
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from other patrons.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Wear masks except when using the machines.
  • Disposable disinfectant wipes will be provided so residents can wipe down frequently touched surfaces on gym equipment.
  • Resident is responsible for sanitizing gym equipment before and after every use.
  • After leaving the Fitness Center, use hand sanitizer. When you get home, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

The Chuckwagon is closed until further notice.

You will be able to get breakfast two different ways:  
  • TAKE OUT…you call in your order, we will fix it then you can pick it up through the back area of the Chuckwagon at the loading dock near the Pickleball Courts. 
  • DINE IN...  You will fill out a menu and place your order with the Cashier, and then be seated with limited seating in the Dining Room. 
We are very excited to open the Chuckwagon and we have many surprises in store as the year progresses.  However, we do need volunteers!  We have lost a major portion of our volunteers with the problems of the Canadians not returning; so, it is very important that we all step up to help. 

Please send me an email to with what you would be interested in doing, stating any day that you can help - and I will contact you.  If you do not do email then call and leave a message at 623-975-4702. I will return your call as soon as possible. 

Gather your friends to help us.  Remember, without volunteers we will lose the Chuckwagon ... Hoping to hear from you real soon!

Becky Wells
Chuckwagon Volunteer Coordinator


Results of the Homeowner Survey!

We were lucky to get 792 completed surveys for a good response rate of 40%.
Here are some of the key learnings:
  1. 60% of all Seasonal residents plan to return to HT in the same month as last season; 63% of U.S. Citizens versus 11% of Canadians.
  2. 36% of all Seasonal residents plan to "delay" or "wait and see".
  3. Only 4% of all Seasonal residents state they will not return this season. While only 2% of U.S. Citizens will stay home, 24% of Canadians do not plan to return. The most frequent reasons cited by Canadians were concerns about travel restrictions or insurance coverage.
When we asked all Seasonal residents what would influence their return to Happy Trails, the most frequent answers were:
  1. Amenities open in Happy Trails (302)
  2. Trends in COVID-19 numbers (288)
  3. Personal health condition (201)
  4. Travel restrictions (142)
  5. Testing / vaccine availability (65)
  6. Insurance coverage (24)
When we asked all residents to indicate the frequency they would use the amenities in Happy Trails, we learned:
  1. Outdoor sports were the amenities used most frequently by Residents (with fewer residents who use "very often").
  2. Chuckwagon would be used by the most Residents (with more residents who use at least "a little").
  3. Entertainment would be used by many residents fairly frequently.
  4. Indoor Crafts (i.e., sewing, arts / crafts. Sawmill) = 55% would use.
  5. Indoor Games / Cards = 52% would use.
Thank you for participating.  HTCA Management and your Board of Directors.


As a final note: Happy Trails has done well by being cautious and we intend on keeping the virus from spreading through out the community that we love! Please be considerate for everyone - we are older 'high risk' residents who need to get through this together!

Thank you for visiting this COVID-19 Information Page...
Please Check Back Often!

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