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Payments and Accounting
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Gated Communities
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Short-Term Rentals

Payments and Accounting

Do I have to let my HOA know of any exterior changes to my property? 
Yes, all outdoor exterior changes to the property such as; painting, landscaping, windows, solar panels, etc. all need a DRC application with an application fee (depends on the tier) and needs to be summited for DRC approval. The DRC meeting is every 1st Thursday of the month, but all applications need to be turned in no later than the third Wednesday prior to the meeting.

Can I re-paint the exterior of my home the original color?  No, the DRC Committee has chosen a wide variety of new modern colors for painting the exterior of your home. The PRCA Office has an approved paint palette book with all the variations of colors that you can check out for a $50.00 refundable deposit (check only, NO CASH). Or you may check out the colors online. Click Here to go to the Sherwin Williams website
Community Patrol
What’s the new community patrol phone number?
(725) 259-9145

Can the Association give me a citation for a dog off their leash in the paseos/flood channels?
Yes - The paseo/flood channels are private property owned and maintained by the Association. Signs are placed throughout the community advising visitors of their obligations. Dogs, are not allowed off leashes, no matter how well controlled you feel they may be.

My car was broken into what do I do?
Peccole Ranch Office has received a few calls in regards to car break-ins and homeowners aren't sure what to do. First, call Metro to report the break-in and see if any valuables were stolen, then call Courtesy Patrol. (Peccole Ranch's number one crime stat is people leaving valuables in their cars and the vehicle being unlocked or broken into. The best solution is to park your vehicle in your garage, if you must park in the driveway consider taking valuables inside your home and lock your car.)
Gated Communities
Where can I purchase a gate remote for my gated community? 
The PRCA office has gate remotes for purchase at $25.00 each (check or money order, NO CASH). If you live in Stone Ridge or Wellington Park you need to contact your Sub Association management office on where to purchase their gate remotes.
What are the NO overnight parking times in gated communities? 
11PM - 6AM If you have family/guests coming in town to visit, please come to the PRCA office for an overnight pass. (Please bring ID, make, model and license plate information).
How often do the gate codes change?
If your new home is in a gated community, your gate code will change each January. New gate code numbers are mailed each year in December or January.
Please complete the Access Gate Directory Form on our website as soon as you get settled, so that we can program your name to appear on the front gate directory. After you have been added to the directory your guests will see your last name in the call box, they will then press in your code. By pressing this number, it will dial the number you provided. When you answer and you have identified them, press 9 to open the gate for the guest to enter. It is best to give us your local home phone number as cell phones don't always have a signal strong enough to open the gate. The PRCA office does have generic pre-programmed gate openers available for purchase M — F 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (The office is closed from 12 noon to 1 p.m.) Gate openers cost $25 each; payment can be made by check or money order to PRCA; cash is not accepted.
Trash and Bulk Pick up
What is the Trash and Recycle pick up day?
Tuesday is the day for Trash and Recycle/Bulk pick up is every other Tuesday. All trash containers must be stored out of sight except on pick up days. Violators will receive courtesy notices, violation notices, and hearing notices if seen on a non-collection pick-up date. 
Click here for more information from Republic Services or to schedule bulk item pick up.
Short-Term Rentals
No Short-Term Rentals
Peccole Ranch Community Association Does Not Allow Short-Term Rentals or Air B&Bs:

Peccole Ranch CC&Rs

4.34 Tenants. The entire Dwelling Unit on a Lot may be leased to a Single-Family tenant from time-to-time by the Owner, subject to the provisions of this Declaration and the Association Rules. 
Rules and Regulations Section 4.34 - TENANTS
4.34.1 Upon the rental of a property to another party, the homeowner relinquishes the rights to the use of all common elements.
4.34.2 Governing Documents - The Owner should provide copies of all the Governing Documents to the Tenant as an attachment to the lease agreement. 
a. Copies of the Governing Documents may be obtained from the Management office and provided to the Tenant for a fee charged to the Owner.
4.34.3 Lease restriction - All Tenants must comply with these Rules and Regulations, Design Guidelines, and CC&Rs of the Association. Owners are responsible for their Tenants and Guests.
4.34.4 Lease Term - weekly or short-term rentals are strictly prohibited because of the impact on the residential character of the community. All leases shall be in writing and for a minimum term of 6 months which may then be renewed on a month to month basis in duration for each signed Tenant. For emergency precautions, a copy of the lease indicating the name of the property manager and the Tenants should be filed with the Association Management office.
4.34.5 Renting rooms - A dwelling may only be rented or leased in its entirety. Subletting of individual rooms is prohibited.
4.34.6 Time share - No time-sharing of dwellings is allowed.

What Does The Board Consider
Short-term rentals operating in the Las Vegas Valley without paying taxes that ultimately benefit the entire community.  Without paying taxes, the short-term rental business is hurting the whole community. Short-term rentals artificially inflate rental costs. When property owners convert long-term living spaces into the short-term rentals, there are fewer homes on the market for those wishing to rent long-term. Short-term rentals disrupt the quality of life in residential neighborhoods.  The renters of short-term rentals have no stake in the neighborhood; thus, they can disrupt the peaceful environment of residential neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where short-term rentals are found deal with more congestion and traffic, loud music during the evening hours, and trash/rubbish found at the curb. Short-term rentals don’t have to adhere to the health and human safety standards that a hotel or motel would follow.  Short-term rental properties have been recently regulated by the City of Las Vegas, but the Association has the right to reasonably restrict undesirable activities in the neighborhood that effect quality of life and property values.  

I Suspect My Neighbor of Running a Short-Term Rental
If you suspect a short-term rental is operating in your neighborhood contact the Community Patrol to take pictures of the vehicles and document the noise or trash levels.  Then, call the City of Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Hotline:  702-229-3500.  This non-emergency line is to handle complaints of noise, excessive number of tenants, large parties, trash, parking, and other issues. It is important that you call during the events so that staff may respond in a timely manner. You can also go online to file a report with the Las Vegas City Code Enforcement

The laws of the state (NRS 116.31175) specifically prevent the Association from providing you with any information about a suspected issue at any address. The staff works with the City of Las Vegas to provide information regarding each complaint. You can contact the Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Hotline: 702-229-3500

What is the City of Las Vegas Short Term Hot Line Number?
City of Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Hotline: 702-229-3500. 
You can also go online to file a report with the Las Vegas City Code Enforcement: https://cityoflasvegas.formstack.com/forms/codeenforcecomplaint
What are the quiet hours?
11PM - 7AM are the quiet hours as defined by the City of Las Vegas Codes.

When are the streets cleaned?
Street cleaning in gated communities occurs on the 1st Monday of the month, unless there is a holiday that week. The City of Las Vegas is responsible for non-gated Communities. Click Here for the City website.

What is the Association responsible for?
he Master Association is responsible for the maintenance of all the common area such as the clubhouse, parks, playground and recreational equipment. This includes the landscaping in and around all common areas, walking paths and in gated communities, the responsibilities include the upkeep of the streets, lighting and gate operations as well as the parks and public pool area in those specific communities.  Additionally, the association is responsible for the collection of the monthly assessments and to assure that the homeowners are in compliance with the rules and regulations and design guidelines of the community.  The Association also strives to create cost effective opportunities for homeowners to meet together and socialize and unite on common projects.

How can I receive information on what's going on in the community? Newsletters are mailed out typically quarterly to all residents: owner of record, property management, and tenants. You can also get a copy from the office. You may also follow us on Facebook - Peccole Ranch Community Association.