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Bikes & Kayaks: At the May 16, 2019 Board of Directors meeting, the Board passed raising the fee for bike storage to $10 a year, and adding a kayak storage fee of $25 a year. Owners must register their bikes and kayaks with the office.

Clubhouse restroom and exercise room renovation: The exercise room will close on August 20, 2019. The restrooms will close on August 26, 2019. The contractor will be on site starting August 26, 2019.

The Policies section on the web site has been updated and may be accessed by Owners logging in.

Standing Water: If water is standing on your lanai floor after a rain, your weep holes may be clogged. Call the Office, and we will send over a member of our maintenance staff to clean or re-drill the holes.

Parcel Delivery: The Office is no longer accepting and delivering parcels from the Post Office, UPS, or Fed Ex. They will be delivered directly to the Owner's units.
Wind Mitigation forms:  We have Wind Mitigation Forms downloaded under Insurance on this website.  Just click on your building, and you can print off a form. By submitting a copy of your buildings form to your insurance agent, you may receive a savings on your Homeowners policy.

Board Meeting Agendas: After you login, click on Resources, then click on the desired link to preview meeting topics

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