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Chapter 8: Use and Conduct
Section 8.1: Use, Occupancy, and Transfer of Interest in Units
Subsection: (b) Leasing

     All leases shall be in writing and shall disclose the tenants and all occupants of the leased Unit are bound by and obligated to comply with the Governing Documents. However, the Governing Documents shall apply regardless of whether such a provision is specifically set forth in the lease.

     Within 10 days of a lease being signed, the Owner of the leased Unit shall notify the Board or the Association’s managing agent of the lease and provide any additional information the Board may reasonably require. The Owner must give the tenant copies of the Governing Documents. In addition to, but consistent with this subsection, the Association or the Board may adopt Rules governing leasing and subleasing.

Chapter 8: Use and Conduct
Section 8.1: Use, Occupancy, and Transfer of Interest in Units
Subsection: (c) Transfer of Title

     Any Owner desiring to sell or otherwise transfer title to his or her Unit shall give the Board at least seven days’ prior written notice of the name and address of the purchaser or transferee, the date of such transfer of title, and such other information as the Board may reasonably require. The Person transferring title shall continue to be jointly and severally responsible with the Person accepting title for all obligations of the Owner, including assessment obligations, until the date upon which the Board receives such notice, notwithstanding the transfer of title.

Please note: as the property owner, you are responsible to pay any outstanding Property Owners’ Association (POA) dues. If leasing, this remains your responsibility as the property owner, regardless of any lease agreement. If selling, closing attorney must provide new owner with information regarding POA dues and Wilderness Trust fees.
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