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Radisson Community Association

3128 Amesbury Drive
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Phone: 315-635-7171
Fax: 315-635-7182
Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm

Welcome to Radisson Community Association
Radisson is best known for its beautiful neighborhoods and design standards for homes and businesses. When Radisson is complete, this planned unit development (PUD) will have nearly 3,500 homes, a large Corporate Park and a wide range of recreational, educational and community services. It’s conveniently located a short distance to major highways and the Village of Baldwinsville that offers a number of shops and eateries. Radisson is in the Baldwinsville Central School District.
As with any Homeowners Association (HOA), the residents of Radisson pay an assessment fee and agree to follow covenants and standards. Adherence to, and enforcement of, the Architectural Standards helps to protect the value of the properties here by maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the neighborhoods and common areas throughout the community.
The Radisson Community Association, or RCA, is a not-for-profit corporation structured by an elected Board of Directors, a professional staff, volunteer committee members, and residents.
This HOA does not provide residential property maintenance, although there are several sub-associations within Radisson that do. The benefits to living here are found in the facilities and programs offered as well as the enduring beauty of the area.


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