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Buy/Sell/Rent in Radisson
Radisson is an HOA and as such has rules and covenants that homeowners agree to follow when they purchase a home here. Living in Radisson also has many benefits; from use of community facilities like the pool and Aspen House, to services provided like yard waste pick-up to planned events like Founder's Day. Homeowners pay an assessment fee to support the daily operations of the community. Details of the calculation and FAQs.

As part of the transfer of ownership, homes are inspected by the RCA to assure new owners that the exterior has been maintained in accordance with Radisson standards. Once the RCA is notified of your closing, the account information can be transferred and new owners can then expect to receive a welcome letter and informational packet from the RCA. 

Please contact a real estate agent regarding homes for sale or rent as the RCA office does not have that information available.

Much of the Radisson Community has been built, however there are a few areas where new construction is still underway. Current Builders.

There are several apartment complexes in the Radisson Community. Each is separately managed and information on availability, pricing and income restrictions is available only through their management offices, please contact them directly. All residents have full privileges to the Radisson facilities once their Membership Enrollment is complete. 

Occasionally, homeowners may offer private homes for rent as well. 

Selling your Radisson home involves notifying the RCA and requesting an Architectural Standards inspection.

A Certificate of Compliance (C of C) inspection is conducted by the RCA to assure that the exterior of the home has been maintained according to Radisson standards and that all modifications have proper application and documentation. An interior inspection will confirm the square footage of the home. Additionally, this process includes issuing a statement of the HOA account fees.

C of C Request Forms                     C of C Property Checklist

Moving out of Radisson constitutes termination of your right to use Radisson facilities including, but not limited to, pool, tennis courts, boat launch, Aspen House, and Storage Yard.

Please note, our sign policy states that a single "For Sale" sign may be posted in the yard and is the only signage allowed.