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Estoppel Requests
Waterford Lakes Community Association, Inc. is a homeowners association governed by the provisions contained in Chapter 720, Florida Statutes; and the provisions of Section 720.30851, Florida Statutes, which govern the process for providing "Estoppel Certificates"; and the provisions of Section 720.30851, Florida Statutes, permit the association to charge a fee for the preparation and delivery of an "estoppel certificate", if said fee is established by "written resolution adopted by the board (of the homeowners' association) or provided by a written management, bookkeeping, or "maintenance contract"; and the Waterford Lakes Board is adopting the present written resolution to establish the fees (the "Estoppel Fees") for the preparation and delivery of an estoppel certificate (the "Estoppel Certificate"). The Waterford Lakes Community Association Board of Directors approved the Resolution on June 26, 2017.

To request an Estoppel Certificate for a property located in Waterford Lakes, you can do so by going to If further assistance is required, you can call the Waterford Lakes Community Association at (407) 380-3803.

Estoppel Requests
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