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Long Range Planning Committee
Updated: 3/15/2019

This committee is all about the future. The LRPC plans for WLCA’s future by studying current and long-term trends, identifying possible future projects that align with WLCA’s purpose, and outlining ways to complete them. This committee meets once a month on the 3rd Wednesday here at the office at 1:09 pm.

Members of the Long Range Planning Committee are:

- Dennis Horazak (Chair)

- Ben Isip

- Tom Dolan

The purpose of the Long Range Planning Committee, or LRPC, is to identify future events and their foreseeable impacts, to recommend actions to mitigate disruptions from those events, and to provide a repository for potential future projects and possible ways to complete them. Activities of the LRPC include, but are not limited to, Trend Projection, Asset Valuation and Reserve Estimates, Budgetary Support, Disaster Planning, Water Reduction, Contingency Planning, and Project Prioritization.