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Here you will find frequently asked questions that should give you useful information about living in Hawthorn Cluster.

To "e" or not to "e," what's the correct way to spell "Hawthorn"?

The official spelling is without the "e." Our neighborhood is named after the hawthorn tree and not Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of the "Scarlet Letter." The hawthorn tree flowers in the spring and looks similar to a cherry blossom tree. The flowers later become red berries.

That being said, the HOA is aware that there are two street signs with a the road misspelled. We are currently working to resolve this issue.

Why does my lamp post stay on all the time?

All the houses, at least originally, were equipped with a photocell (light sensor) on the front or the side of the front porch. When it gets dark (i.e. the sensor no longer senses light), the sensors are supposed to automatically turn on your lamp post.

Very often, these sensors become damaged from weather or from too much UV light. In order to fix this, you will need to replace the photocell. Replacement photocells are available on Amazon and at Home Depot. If you need help, please contact us or call a registered electrician.

Note: The outdoor lamp posts are usually on the same circuit as the GFI outlets for your bathrooms.

Why doesn't Hawthorn Cluster have pet stations?

Hawthorn Cluster has an agreement with our neighboring cluster, Vintage Place, to use their pet stations. Vintage Place has several stations around their neighborhood and all Hawthorn dogs are welcomed to use them. The closest station is by the tot lot on the other side of the pipeline easement (the field between our two neighborhoods) along the asphalt walking path.

My car was towed! What do I do?

If you believe your car was towed, please contact JDR Towing at 703-856-0270. JDR generally takes photos of the offense and will be able to explain why your car was towed. The address of their impound lot is: 2875 Towerview Road, Herndon, VA 20171.