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Happy Trails Resort — Welcome.  Explore.  Enjoy.

Happy Trails Resort is a gated 55+ adult Resort community located on the beautiful northwest edge of the sunny Phoenix Valley.  Residents are friendly folks from all walks of life who pursue an active lifestyle.  Unique style homes are available to own or rent.  Many homes have golf course and mountain views.

Upon arrival at the Front Gate you will receive a colored fold out brochure with a map inside.  
There are also two handouts, one with pertinent information to get you started and point you to this website where you will find an online Renter Packet (which is below).  The second is a handout from the Patrol Gate for registering visitors coming in to see you while you are in Happy Trails by either the Gate Guest Reservation Form or online per the instructions.

You’ll find vital information for becoming a part of our vibrant community.  Other pages will give you information about activities happening right now at Happy Trails.

Please wait at least 2 business days after checking in at the Gate before going to the HTCA Office (the HTCA Office is located inside the Library at Town Center).

Maps are available to help you navigate.  

More details: Resort Activities.

In addition, these are some items you can give some thought to:
  • Transponders allow entrance and exit through unmanned Gates. If you are a renter with at least a 3-month rental term and you require a Transponder, the Lot owner must give permission by checking the box on the “Notice of Occupancy”  form located down by the Owner Name and signature, or emailing permission to:  Once this is done, a Transponder can be purchased at the HTCA Office for $25.00 payable by cash or check.
  • Receiving Mail:  Happy Trails has a Mail Center on site.  Renters may have mail temporarily forwarded to Happy Trails if the Lot owner provides them with a mailbox key.  Please check in OR call HTMC at 623-546-2494 to get the mailbox number to forward your mail temporarily to Happy Trails.
Forward to:   Your Name:    17200 W Bell Rd, Lot XXXX:    Surprise, AZ 85374

If the Lot owner does not provide a mailbox key, a mail box can be rented from the Mail Center. Please call 623-546-2494 to obtain a box number. Thank you.
  • Resort Email List: The Notice of Occupancy (NOO) now has a line for emails!  If a Renter submits an email on the NOO Form they will receive emails from the HTCA Office, Activities and the Chuckwagon automatically as soon as the rental term is entered into the system - which is about a month before the term begins.  All emails will stop when your rental term is over and the system is updated of your departure.

    If an email is not submitted on the NOO, Renters may ask to receive emails. You must be checked in and will only receive emails while you are staying in the Resort. Complete the Renter Email Request Form which is inside your Map Brochure that you received from the Gate when you arrived, or which may be found in the rack on the Forms & Information Display Wall in the Mail Center Lobby.  Complete the form and deposit it in the drop slot by the Library door or leave it in the wall folder inside the Library at the HTCA Office window.  All emails will stop when your rental term is over and the system is updated of your departure, you will not be able to log in once you have departed Happy Trails.

All residents at Happy Trails may use the facilities, join clubs, purchase tickets to our fabulous shows in the Performing Arts Center, participate in social events, and become involved in our community.  We hope that your first stay convinces you to come again and again, perhaps even to buy a Lot of your own.

Here is some additional information to help you enjoy Happy Trails.

  • In an Emergency — Call 911 FIRSTThen call the Patrol Gate House to let them know you have an emergency —  623-584-0068.
  • If you see something suspicious, report it to the Patrol Gate House.
  • Be kind to the Patrol Staff. They are doing their jobs according to the Community Manager.

  • Firearms are not allowed in any HTCA building.
  • Quiet hours are 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.
  • Work being done on the inside of your RV can be done on your Lot.  Mechanical work on the outside of your RV is to be performed at the Auto/RV Wash Bay per the Association Rules and Regulations.

  • Garbage is to be deposited in the in-ground bins on your Lot.  Pick up days are Tuesday and Friday of each week.
  • Trash dumpsters are located at the north end of Happy Trails Blvd.  There are dumpsters in the Villas specifically for Villa residents’ use.
  • Recycling dumpsters are located at the north end of Happy Trails Blvd.  Be kind to the environment and use this option. Click here for more recycling options.
  • Aluminum cans are collected by “Fun & Games” in marked trash cans around the resort.  This is ONE part of their fund-raising efforts.  Feel free to dump your loose cans (not in bags).
  • Click here for additional trash and recycling details.

  • STOP means stop. Your car, golf cart and bicycle must obey posted signs. Be safe.
  • Speed Limit is 20 mph on Happy Trails Blvd. and Roy Rogers. All others streets are 15 mph.  Be safe in your community.
  • Remember to watch for pedestrians, dogs, carts and bicycles.
  • Parking: Cars park in big spots.  Golf carts park in little spots.  (Those marked with shorter, narrower lines or with signage.)  If all cart spots are taken, golf carts can park in a big spot. Cars may NOT park in golf cart spots.
  • Right of Way on the roads is as follows:  Yield always to pedestrians.  Bicycles, golf carts, and cars must obey all traffic signs, including stop signs. Exception: Vehicles on the road have the right-of-way at golf cart crossings.

  • Pets are limited to no more than two per Lot.
  • Register your pets at the HTCA Office by providing a copy of the current Rabies Vaccination document. (The rabies expiration date from your veterinarian is required.)
  • You are responsible for picking up after your pets.  If you can see to walk them, you can see them do their duty. The Happy Tails Dog Park provides disposable bags and there are bag dispensers at other locations.  Community property is off-limits for doggie duty.
  • Pets on a leash, pets on a leash. Please always keep your pets on a leash when they are outside, on the street, or in public areas.

  • Community Calendar  Know what’s going on at Happy Trails!
    There is never a shortage of something to attend and get involved with...
    • Board Meetings, Committee Meetings, and Resort functions, etc.
    • Entertainment Shows, events, etc.

ID Badges are made in the Activities department
               Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 1 PM.

The identification badge includes a photo that allows the volunteers serving as monitors and our Security Staff to easily determine who is using the amenities. 

As a point of reference, the Rules and Regulations state:
  • Section 8.2 Name Badge Wearing, unless otherwise required or requested, badges should be worn at all times as a means of identification while in Common Areas.

  • We expect all residents to have the ID Badge available when they are using the amenities and in the Common Areas.  While we would prefer the residents to wear the ID Badge when they are in the Common Areas, having it on your person and available to be shown will suffice.
  • Fax and Notary services are available at the HTCA Office. There is a fee and an ID is required for Notary services.
  • Your attendance is requested at all Town Meetings, Board Workshops, and Board Meetings. Your ideas are welcomed, and you will learn what's going on within the Resort.
  • Volunteerism is encouraged at Happy Trails. It's rewarding, fun, and a good way to keep your body and mind sharp.

  • POOL USAGE: ALWAYS shower off sunscreen and/or lotions before you use any pool or spa. Showers are available at the Town Center Pool facility building, NC1, NC2 and Cascades.
Happy Trails is known for its friendly, welcoming lifestyle.  You’ll see your neighbors out and about — don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.  Consider hosting a happy hour or coffee and doughnuts get-together at your Lot so that you can meet your neighbors.  Life’s too short! Seize the day!

Resident FAQ

HTCA Important Information

Emergency Response Plan

That should do it - see you around the Resort!!!