Software Integration

Nabr Network’s integration with leading association management software platforms furthers our goal of making managers more efficient and providing residents self-service tools.

Our current integration includes TOPS Software, Caliber Software, VMS (Village Management Software), CINC Systems, C3 (Complete Control for Communities), Asyst and PayLease, however, we will integrate with any company who has a modern Application Program Interface (API). There are two general reasons for integration – database synchronization and owner access to their account information. Both of these are time saving features for managers.

Database synchronization allows a manager or office accounting staff to input new owner and resident information into the accounting software which then can be pulled to Nabr Network databases. This is helpful because information is entered once and when the owner and resident logs into Nabr Network, their information is already populated in our database and is useful for resident verification for first-time registration for the Nabr Network system. Database synchronization is a great time-saver as opposed to entering information separately into both the accounting and Nabr Network databases.

The other function of integration is to allow resident access to their account information. For instance, if a resident wants to verify a payment recently made or if they need to view a violation notice, our system allows the resident to access this data on their desktop, tablet or mobile. The resident sees this information within our system without further needing to login. Depending on the depth of the API provider, many data points can be pulled by Nabr Network, from account history to payments to violations and work orders.

Nabr Network also allows for Single Sign-on (SSO) and other link capabilities useful for residents, such as bank payment portals or a direct link to the management company’s resident portal, if full integration is not available. Also, if no integration is available, don’t worry. We can create work-arounds where we manually synchronize using a CSV or Excel file pulled from an accounting report.

Nabr Network is always looking for great partners to integrate with, so let us know who you use and we will contact them to see if they have an available API.

Learn more about our Partnerships:
  • Allows synchronization from accounting database to Nabr Network database.
  • Residents can self-serve by viewing their account status.
  • Payment portals and other useful links can be provided to your residents’ hand.
  • Manual synchronization can be created if accounting software has no API.
  • Developed for web and mobile.

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