Smart Calendar & RSVP

Nabr Network makes scheduling your upcoming meeting or event simple. We have developed a Smart Calendar where you can post an event and it can be seen across all platforms – desktop, tablet and mobile.

Of course this is not that magical, however, when a manager or administrator posts an event, you have options to send out an immediate notification of the event to your residents, and better yet, recurring reminders of the event up to the start of the event. No more remembering to send out reminders because our system does it for you, so this is truly one-touch. Now that is smart!

Sometimes when you schedule an event you need a head count of attendees. Nabr Network has a built-in RSVP system which allows a manger or administrator to keep track of which residents and guests are attending. So when the event is pushed out in the Smart Calendar, there is a simple reply for your residents to RSVP. Your resident responds and the system keeps track of the numbers and who will be attending. You can then print this list out and check the attendees at the door of the event if needed. Also, you can limit the number of guests by putting a cap on the attendees and broadcast a real time update of the available slots left. This is especially useful for venues with limited space.

Bottom line is our time-saving Smart Calendar with RSVP System will definitely free up your time to focus on other important association business.

  • Upcoming events can be posted with notifications.
  • Recurring notifications are automatic, which is a time saver.
  • RSVPs allow head count and number limits for events.
  • Attendee reports are easily produced.
  • Developed for web and mobile.
  • Accessible from Manager Dashboard.

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