Manager Dashboard

Whether you’re a portfolio manager or manager of a large master planned community, you need a robust and sophisticated communication system that organizes, automates and records communications in community associations.

Nabr Network has built an advanced dashboard which does all of this, and more. Here’s what you can do from the Dashboard.

Quick Post
From the dashboard, a manger or administrator can send a timely message to your residents, which we call Quick Post. As discussed in the Multi-Platform Messaging, the post goes to the Community Feed and over the various delivery forms (text, email, auto-web updates) all in one-touch. A quick post can be done by the manager from the desktop dashboard or it can be done from the managers’ mobile access. A great example of a timely quick post could be something the manager sees in community that the residents need an immediate notification, like a broken gate or a sudden road closure.

Scheduled Posts
Also from the Dashboard, a manager or administrator can create a Scheduled Post. A scheduled post is a communication that is created once and is scheduled to go out immediately and/or sometime in the future. There is also an option for a message to recur, like once a week or once a month. This is especially useful for friendly reminders, like ARC review procedures or seasonal reminders. And the best thing about a scheduled post is it is created once, scheduled and it never has to be touched again until you want to change it or stop the recurrence. This is a huge time saver and increases your visibility in the community tremendously.

Portfolio Management
If you are a portfolio manager, or if you are a management company using our Enterprise Program, you have access to ALL of your communities from one centralized dashboard. This is a huge time saver since you don’t need to go in and out of multiple website / email blast areas like some of our competitors make you do. The consolidated Dashboard allows you to send the same message to all of your communities in one-touch or only a selected few, your choice, your control. This is especially useful say if your office is closed for a holiday and you want to get out the office hours to all.

Owner / Renter Selection
Renters of homes in community associations are becoming more prevalent. As a manager, you want to inform the renters of certain community happenings, however, not all of the information is for them - like board meeting minutes and budgets to name a few. That’s why Nabr Network has a toggle on every message sent from the dashboard which allows the manager to either include or exclude renters from receiving the message. This way, messages can be separated into all, only owners, or only renters. This feature gives ultimate flexibility and control.

Other Features
The Dashboard also lets you access other Nabr Network features including Smart Calendar w/ RSVP, Amenity Reservation System, Board & Committee Tools, Group Pages, Dynamic Forms, Resource Library and Community Website which are discussed in detail.

  • Dashboard allows consolidated view and control of messages to the residents.
  • Multiple managers and administrators can access to the dashboard and residents.
  • Messages to single or multiple communities can be sent with a single push.
  • Messages to resident either owner or renter, or both, can be controlled.
  • A whole host of other time saving features can controlled from the dashboard.

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