Board & Committee Tools

Nabr Network has a private group feature that allows a manager or administrator to set up multiple private boards and committees.

This is a great way for committees, such as the Board of Directors, ACC Committee or Landscape Committee to discuss their business in private among the group member. Better yet, this is done form the same platform they get their public community information, so there is no need to go outside of the system or use a totally different system.

The board and committee tools include an activity feed, events calendar, documents upload and storage, and member directory. The activity is similar to the Community Feed, except it is private for only the members of the committee. Since it is a rolling feed with separate thread boxes, conversation by subject and comment by committee members is extremely organized and easy to follow. This keeps committee members engaged and association business efficient and productive.

  • Private feed for board and committees
  • Upload and access board and committee documents
  • Private calendar for each board or committee.
  • Unlimited boards and committees can be set up.
  • Each board and committee has its own member directory
  • Developed for web and mobile.
  • Accessible from Manager Dashboard.

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