Enterprise Program for Management Companies

Multi-Community Solutions

Nabr Network can help your entire management company through our Enterprise Program. We know communication is a daunting challenge for our industry. Our leading-edge solution sends a powerful message to your current and prospective clients that you’re serious about communication.

Managers are Efficient and Effective
With our Enterprise Program, you can roll the system out company-wide so managers and their assistants can communicate to their entire portfolio of communities from an easy-to-use dashboard. Managers have found the dashboard a huge time saver as they can manage all of their communication from one place with one login. Managers are saying our platform makes them fast and effective, and their residents love it.

We Offer Affordability to All Companies
Nabr Network provides affordable pricing and easy terms to roll out to a portion or your entire portfolio. You only need three communities to qualify for our Enterprise Program. And the more communities you roll out to, the better the pricing gets on a per community basis. There are no set-up fees, nor any add-on fees. The features you see are exactly what you get, all for one price.

Providing Great Support is Very Important to Us
One more HUGE advantage to using Nabr Network is our outstanding support. We take the load off of you and your staff on technology issues. Your residents contact us and we help them with registration and log-in issues, so you don’t have to. Also, our support also includes no-cost training sessions with your staff. And of course, we always respond quickly to you, your staff and your residents, as you would expect any of your employees would. Simply, we want you to think of us as an extension of your staff.

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