Top Technology Facts That Make Our Community Association Application a Big Deal.

The technology for Nabr Network’s communication application system is developed by our leading software development team. Our team is dedicated to bringing management companies and community associations cutting edge features and user experiences. We work tirelessly on the code to bring seamless upgrades and introduce new custom features. Our system is fully custom developed and coded to address the unique communication needs of community management companies their associations.

We’d like you to know the following about our software application system:

Our application is secure.
We know that the privacy of resident communication is highly important. We take our code and security very seriously. Our servers are monitored 24/7 for attacks and vulnerabilities, by actual people standing by.

Our application code is robust.
Nabr Network runs on the LAMP platform, the stack is made up of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The application’s code is written in straight PHP, versus a framework built on top of PHP. This puts us in a great position because it reduces our dependencies on other external systems.

We don’t rely on third-party solutions.
Because we have developed our code from the ground-up, we can continue adding new features and improving the user experience based on any feedback that we receive. Our code base is not reliant on any third-party commercial plug-ins or complex licensing agreements. Our system is not an afterthought: your community management company and community associations are at the core of everything that we code and develop.

We are not repackaging and reselling WordPress.
Many other communication platform and HOA website providers that we have encountered in the market place are just offering WordPress templates and features. While they might be useful, they lack in custom and data driven features. Our system is a sophisticated data driven custom coded application for unique custom features such as a private association Community Feed, multi-platform messaging system for residents, dynamic creation of HOA pages, association document management, and seamless integration of resident databases.

We can integrate with other community management applications.
Some of our customers are already using accounting and management software by our partners, TOPS, Caliber Software and VMS. Nabr Network provides a centralized and secure client portal area that seamlessly integrates with our partners’ applications. By choosing Nabr Network, your organization can increase efficiency without needing to login to multiple accounts.

We can manage large resident databases.
Because of our team of skilled software developers, we are very equipped in taking your association’s resident data and making it work in our application. No more excel spread sheets of sprawling resident information: we import your data lists, clean them up and make your resident data work for you. Your association resident data is fully accessible and manageable in our system, and your organization has the ability to add and modify any resident data. Our resident members have an ability to adjust their own privacy settings for communication, and update their contact information when need be.

We provide multi-platform and cross-device solutions.
We take pride in providing our system for multi-platform use: web, iOS and Android. Our solutions work whether the user prefers to use their desktop or an app. The multi-platform messaging system is specifically developed for maximum community outreach: our system notifies residents with SMS text messages, email, iOS push and Android notifications.

We continue to introduce new exciting features.
The way your organization communicates evolves through time. We don’t stop here. Nabr Network follows technology and device developments closely and is on the front-line and ready to introduce new ways to communicate and interact. Our strong and flexible codes allow us to continue developing our feature offerings.

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