Three Ways to Distinguish Your Management Company from Your Competition

The community association management industry is highly competitive. When Boards are looking to make a management change, they request proposals from several companies. How do you ensure your company stands above the rest?


  1. Demonstrate a commitment to communication and transparency. Prospective Boards may have been burned by management companies in the past. You need to set the precedent early; let the Board know about your dedication to transparency through better communication. You can’t just say you are a good communicator, you need to show them that you have the tools you need to communicate effectively.


  1. Offer technology with self-service opportunities. Homeowners need to be able to serve themselves when the management offices are closed. It’s not uncommon for owners to want to check balances or make payments when they are home on evenings and weekends. Your management company must provide some sort of technology – like a website or mobile app – that allows this level of self-service.


  1. Focus on delivering positive customer experiences. How do you turn a current customer into a lifelong client? By offering an unmatched level of service. Creating great customer service experiences is one way to differentiate your business, keep existing clients and win new referrals. For ideas on how to implement this in your business, read our blog article on the subject: Creating Great Customer Service Experiences.


Highlight the unique advantages of doing business with your company to win new contracts; then obtain contract renewals by living up to the expectations you set during the sales process.


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