Promoting your Nabr Network Communications Software

“If you build it, they will come,” is not quite applicable to software.

You’re one step ahead of the game by offering Nabr Network’s software to the communities you manage. Now the question is, how do you get the word out and boost residents’ participation?

Here are a few tried and true techniques to raise awareness of—and participation in—your new Nabr Network platform:

  • Post signage near the entrances of the community, at stop signs and in common areas. The signage can give the web URL or a mobile text to download number.
  • Mail or hand deliver flyers with the web URL and mobile text to download number.
  • Include the web URL or mobile text to download number on other association correspondence like invoices or meeting notices.
  • Promote the website and app at association events both as a presentation and as printed signs. Encourage registration on the spot.
  • Run a giveaway with the requirement that members must be an active member of the site to win.
  • Post helpful content to the site that residents won’t get anywhere else.


Active users will be better informed regarding association business, rules and resources. This saves community managers a significant amount of time! Start promoting Nabr Network’s software in the communities you manage; you’ll be amazed with the results.    |    Login    |    Terms of Use    |    Privacy Policy

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