How Nabr Network’s Manager Dashboard Will Maximize Your Efficiency

At Nabr Network, we understand your days are busy. Are you frustrated with having to log in and out of different community websites to communicate with your portfolio? That is why we’ve designed a streamlined dashboard to help community association managers work more efficiently. Here are a few of the ways our dashboard will help you work smarter.

Manage multiple communities in one place. That’s right—with Nabr Network’s manager dashboard, you can manage multiple communities in one interface with one sign in. No more logging in and out of different association websites. You can switch between communities with ease.

Communications hub with access to all the communities you manage. Nabr Network’s manager dashboard gives you the power to post information to one, some, or all your communities with a few simple clicks. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Reach out across various channels in one step. One post from our manager dashboard is all you need to push out communications via text, email, automated website updates and mobile application. Imagine the time-savings you’ll enjoy by being able to push out these communications from one dashboard.

Central location for making website updates. Our manager dashboard gives you easy access to all the website management tools you need. From setting up calendar events to adding documents and creating new web pages, you can do it all from the manager dashboard.

Access to member accounts. Through our accounting software integrations, you can view member accounts including notices, payment and balance information in Nabr Network. This saves time toggling between software programs.

Manage multiple amenities. If you are using Nabr Network’s amenities and reservation system, our dashboard gives you a central location to manage amenities in all the communities you manage. Keeping track of multiple calendars is a breeze when you have all the information in one place.

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