Make Managing Reservations More Manageable!

A look at how online amenities and reservations software will simplify your operations.

Community developers are always looking to make their developments stand out with unique amenities. As such, the expectation level for exclusive community facilities is increasing. Managing these amenities across multiple communities can be a challenge for community association managers. Using an online amenities and reservation system can make this job easier.

Resident self-service. Amenities and reservation systems empower residents to manage their own reservations. This saves community managers a great deal of time. Reservation systems with a mobile component also provide owners with the convenience of making reservations anytime, anywhere.

Easy organization. Online reservation systems help managers stay organized. Your staff can easily track which reservations are approved and which are pending approval. Instead of keeping up with paper reservation forms or a printed calendar, which can be misplaced, managers can approve and add reservations directly to an impossible-to-lose online calendar.

Central location. Using an online amenities and reservation system gives your team the ability to view and manage all the amenities for all the associations they manage. If the reservation system is integrated with the accounting software, your staff can quickly check owners’ account balances before approving their reservation request. This saves time logging in and out of different systems.

If you are considering purchasing and online amenities and reservations system, give Nabr Network a call first. We’d be delighted to show you how using an integrated communications platform with a built-in amenities and reservations management can save your team time and save you money!

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